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Co-act EGP-C for TECHMAN ROBOT is a gripping unit suitable for collaborating robots with the specific connection to the TECHMAN ROBOT. With this gripping unit, the user can enjoy the convenience of Plug&Play.

The software package can be downloaded from the download page of this website.

  • Description: Co-act EGP-C TMID for TECHMAN ROBOT
  • ID:1374363
  • Size:40
  • Stroke Per Jaw : 6 mm
  • min. / max. gripping force : 35 / 140 N
  • max. admissible finger length : 50 mm
  • Weight : 0.7 kg
  • Mechanical interface : EN ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6
  • Nominal voltage: 24 V DC
  • Electrical interface: Plug M8, 8 pin. (switching principle NPN)
  • Sensors : Inductive proximity switches
Description of the gripper package contents
  1. Gripper EGP 40
  2. Adapter plate for mechanical and electrical connection to the robot
  3. Integrated proximity switches for position feedback
  4. Protective cover with rounded and smoothed edges
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