Techman Robot is a subsidiary company of Quanta Computer Inc., the world’s largest notebook computer OEM Company. TM Robot co-bots have an intelligent built-in visual system that takes its place in the current global market. The company conducts a streamline production process from product research, development, production and manufacturing. They are known for its high-quality reputation of ‘Made in Taiwan.’ TM Robot has leaped into the world’s second largest collaborative robot brand in just three years since its establishment in 2016. The company’s headquarter is based in Taiwan and has more than a hundred distributors from China, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. TM Robot is constantly expanding and has established several branches in Shanghai, China, Busan, and multiple overseas sales offices located in Changshu, Shenzhen and Chongqing, offering our global customers a complete co-bot solution for smart manufacturing.

Parent Company: Quanta Computer Inc.,

the World’s Largest Notebook Manufacturer

TM Robot has achieved outstanding results after three years of entering the market, by the support of a strong R&D team from its parent company Quant Storage Inc. and also utilizing the mass global resources from Quanta Group.

Quanta Group was founded in 1988, and it started out as a computer and communications product manufacturer. Now it is the world’s largest notebook manufacturer. In recent years, they have become a part of Apple’s supply chain that is exclusively involved in the production and assembly of Apple Watch and MacBook. Quanta Computers also assembles Mac computers for Apple in different cities such as Ireland and California. They also have an industrial R&D team in the Bay Area, which occupies a space exceeding a hundred thousand square meters.

Being under the umbrella of Quanta Computers, TM Robot has solid finance, excellent R&D team and strong resources from around the world.

High Quality Production with Global Patents

TM Robot is the only cooperative robot manufacturer in Taiwan. All of its research and development, product design and manufacturing are based in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Especially with strict manufacturing and quality control in the factories, TM Robot is known for producing excellent quality products.TM Robot has obtained many patents in Taiwan, United States, China, and with more than 40 patents that are under review and application: Taiwan x14, China x23, and U.S.A. x5.


TM Robot is rapidly expanding in the international collaborative robot market. In the past year, the sales performance has doubled in China, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and many other countries. Due to the high demand, TM Robot has expanded their factory to thirteen thousand square meters in early 2019, providing large-scale production and ensuring exceptional production quality. Techman Robot is eager to challenge the future and global automation trend.


Techman’s name is taken from ‘Technology’ and ‘Human, which is derived from our vision to ‘apply technology to enrich human life.’ This implies our goal of collaborative robot – to see people working alongside with machines in one production line. Since the growing consciousness of Industry 4.0 in recent years, it has led us to put all our effects into automation development, promoting collaborative robots to different situations, and in the end, we hope that our actions can offer better human lives to people.

Core Values


We’re dedicated to develop and bring innovative collaborative robots into the industry. We also believe that great quality will result in customer’s satisfaction, and furthermore for the safety of factory workers. TM Robot upholds our responsibility by providing a variety of services before you are confident in our robot and also afterwards, for any further operation questions.