About us

About the company

Since Quanta Storage Inc., a subsidiary of Quanta Group, was established, in 1999, has been certified by several major international manufacturers and has become a major global supplier of computer peripheral storage products. While facing a rapid transformation of worldwide industries, we at Quanta Storage creating continuously industry innovations and cultivating this market for a long period of time understand the inconveniences of traditional industrial robots and strive for improving the current situation, hoping that the robotic technology can truly be introduced for applications in every industrial sector. Therefore, in 2012, with our excellent R&D capabilities, we started to step in the robotic R&D field. In the R&D process, hundreds of experts and scholars are involved in focusing on upgrading the development of automation with their best efforts. Under the leadership of GM, Ho Shi-Chi, we were able to launch Techman Robot of our own brand in just four years, which is the pioneer of the first collaborative robot in Taiwan. With up to 90% of the local content rate and fitted with the vision identification system rivalable with the one made by a foreign large manufacturer, this robot has broken through the stereotype of a traditional industrial robot. The brand name Techman combines the two words “Technology” and “Human”. The vision is to apply technology to enrich human life, which implies to the definition of the collaborative robot – people working in man-machine collaboration on the production line, away from the messy, dangerous and stressful work environment of the 3K industry and greatly increasing the production efficiency. While the world is bracing up the Industry 4.0 and the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing is coming, we are focusing on upgrading automation development, in the hopes that collaborative robots can become a good tool in this new age, and creating endless potential for the world.

Core value

“We have decided to take a different path from the very beginning”

─ Ho Shi-Chi, Techman Robot. ─

While the world has placed a lot of attention on the traditional industrial robot, the collaborative robot has just started. As the R&D technological threshold is high, many who want to step in chicken out. But, we are determined to go step by step, from R&D to production, to achieve the goal of 90% of the local content rate for the product. We believe that with the most robust basis, we can provide a reliable solution. Our basic belief is R&D innovation, production oriented with reliable quality and providing the solution on the basis of customer needs.


As implied by the brand name Techman Robot: Apply technology to enrich human life, we endeavor to give a push for improving human life. Starting from focusing on the automation development, we now step into the intelligent machine core of the Industry 4.0, hoping to create endless potential for the world.